Plastic zip fasteners
For Skirts, Trousers and children clothes ...More

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Established in 1974 as a leading manufacturing company in Egypt in the field of Artificial Leather and Zip fasteners .

The company owns two big plants, one in Nasr City, Cairo (head office and Zip Fasteners plant) and the other is in the 10th of Ramadan City for Artificial Leather .

The 400 carefully selected and well-trained employees, technicians, and workers, Together with its outstanding and open-minded management have always been to Place the company ahead of its competitors.

The Privileges granted by, Investment authority in Egypt enabled AMIN to utilize the Latest technologies ( from western Europe) as well as the finest raw materials to ensure top quality products.

Keeping an eye on the environment, AMIN abides by all regulations and laws that help maintain a clean environment.
In addition to the Egyptian market, the company exports to some other countries.
All products are carefully tested according to the Egyptian and German (DIN) Standards.
Testing procedures include components, intermediate to stages and final Products. Packaging and storage are also great importance.